E-coffeeware is active in online sales and provide solutions to professionals and non-professionals alike, with a wide range of coffee products and equipment. High quality products from leading manufacturers such as Acaia, Aerobie Chemex, Hario, Fiorengato, Wega etc. are available at competitive prices.

At the same time, e-coffeeware in collaboration with prominent roasters undertakes the supply of coffee in dining area as well as chocolate and tea. The technical department is ready to take any control for proper operation, maintenance, repair and cleaning that the customer needs.

E-coffeeware is here and researches daily the new market trends, to meet your every need, always with respect, high reliability and excellent service. 

e-coffeeware team

K. Vlachakis & Co LP.
2 Pireus Str., Moschato
18346, Attika, Greece
+30 210 4835400
Email: info@e-coffeeware.com

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